Tattoo information

Mayhem Tattoo is a privately run and owned studio located at Logan Village, Queensland..

With an excellence in free hand & custom tattoos, Mayhem Tattoo Studio offers the most talented tattoo artistry & skills in Queensland.

Mayhem Tattoo Studio is appointed with hospital grade equipment creating the most hygienic & sterile conditions possible.

Mayhem Tattoo, is one of the most highly performing tattoo studios offered in the southeast QLD area.

The tattoo process and what to expect

Before your tattoo


Before your tattoo, make sure you eat something decent.

Check your design and make sure all spelling and images are correct.

A concent form will be given to you to fill out.

Photo I.D. will need to be sighted to confirm you are 18 years or over.

Mayhem Tattoo's artist will prepare the tattoo area. This includes setting up the tattoo machine and colours if needed.

The area on your body being tattooed will be cleaned with detol and shaved with a new disposable razor.

The stencil of your design will be placed on the area in which you wish to be tattooed.

You are then required to have a look in the mirror to ensure correct placement.

Any adjustments can be made at this point.


During your tattoo


The outline of your tattoo is completed first.

Any and all shading or colour will complete your tattoo.



After your tattoo


When your tattoo is finished, it will be cleaned with detol and you can check out your new art piece in the mirror.

Your new tattoo will then be covered in a bandage. This cover must remain in place for the time advised by Mayhem Tattoo's artist, to seal the ink and reduce weeping, blood and plasma.

You will be given verbal and written instructions on how to care for your new tattoo.

The health of your tattoo is your responsibility once you leave Mayhem Tattoo studio. 

So please follow all instructions and enjoy your new art work.


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