Everybody has questions! Hopefully, we have narrowed down the most frequent questions we hear.  If you have any further enquiries please contact us.



How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?


You must be 18 years old to get a tattoo in the state of Queensland. It is illegal to get tattooed if you are under the age of 18, no exceptions. Valid state or government issued photo identification will be required upon appointment.



How much does it cost?


Mayhem Tattoo charges $100 an hour, or $700 for a full day. Its reasonable prices for everyday people.


Does it hurt?


Yes. It all hurts to a degree and pain threshold varies from person to person. Particular places on the body tend to hurt more than others. People compare getting a tattoo to the discomfort of scratching on sunburn, but like we said, everyone is different.


Do I need my own artwork?


Mayhem Tattoo specialises in custom tattoo's, so Mayhem's artist can help you with your own design. You will need a starting point for your artist to work from. If you have an image of the design you like, but would like it adjusted to suit you, head over to the Tattoo  Bookings page and contact us through any of the options listed.


What is a drawing fee?


Drawing fees apply with all custom tattoos. As Mayhem's artist is taking images that you have provided and designing and creating your own individual art piece, drawing up your design is necessary, therefore drawing fees apply. Drawing fees are as follows:

 $50 for small and medium, $100 for large (sleeve).


What after care must I do for my tattoo?


One to two hours after your tattoo is completed take the dressing off, wash your tattoo gently with a clean hand using antibacterial soap, and clean running water (shower). Rinse and pat dry don’t wipe.  Wash daily there after.  Do not re-bandage. 

Don’t rub, pick or scratch your tattoo as this can lead to infections extending healing time.

Avoid direct sunlight, swimming or soaking until after the tattoo has healed.

Apply Bepanthen cream 4-5 times daily or whenever your tattoo feels dry or tight to prevent premature drying.  Do this by using your finger and lightly, working in the cream until gone. Use sparingly but often (Do not overuse the cream).

Do not wear tight or dirty clothing.  If tattoo becomes infected, consult a doctor.

If you have pets  you must cover your tattoo to prevent infection.

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