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Tattoo Artists and their Specialties

For example, one tattoo artist is an expert in creating traditional tattoos but not that good in making portraits. I believe Mayhem expertise is in realistic, and in each piece I do I try to get as realistic as I can and if not more. I add as much detail as I can to recreate as realistic as possible in each tattoo I do. From portraits to realistic animals like tigers and lions to warrior women and viking hunters, from ancient ships to realistic roses.

So it depends on the design a client wants to what artist they need to see. If you are after a realistic piece you are in the right place.

Once you have found your artist and they have sterile equipment and a clean work area. Clean equipment and area make the people who are planning to get a tattoo feel less anxious if they see the place orderly and clean. And Mayhem is one of those clean and sterile places.

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